Daydreaming on Paper
August 2001
Show and Tell

Diary-keeping and journal-writing tend to be solitary pursuits. Furthermore, even though you have your pick of published journals to read, you rarely get to see what other real people are putting in their notebooks. Now, here is your chance.

The entire month of August will be Show and Tell month. Enjoy the poems, sketches, and pictures posted here and submit a few of your own. Let this little gallery encourage and inspire you. Know that when you sit down to record your day or draw a quick profile, someone else is doing it, too.

Click each person's name to see her or his submission.

Molly ponders in poetic form.

Sara writes an ode to her boots.

Christine shares her inner poet.

Lyse gets inspiration from her husband's photography.

Nadine gives us some self-affirming stanzas.

Scribefaerie shows off some poems and a sketch.

Dawn shares pages from her notebook.


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