Daydreaming on Paper
February/March 2002
Creative Profiles

Sometimes, I just like to know what other people are doing. I like to know big things like what inspires them and little things like what kind of pen they prefer to use. I like knowing these details for their own sakes, and also because they give me ideas for new things to try in my own notebooks. It's fun to learn how other people approach something as personal, purposeful, whimsical, and mundane as a journal.

This month, two people (in addition to myself) agreed to share a little of their creative lives with us. Each participant was given a list of questions from which they chose the ones they wanted to answer. They also provided visual tidbits that give us a peek into their journal-keeping experience. Click on the names below to read person's "interview" and view their images. If you'd like to participate in the next round of Creative Profiles, just contact me to find out how.





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