Daydreaming on Paper
June 2021
Still Doing What I've Always Done

It has been a long time since I've updated this space, primarily because I feel that I don't have anything new to share. Although I, of couse, still keep notebooks of various kinds (diaries, planners, sketchbooks, reading journals), I don't necessarily do anything new or innovative in or with them. I try a few new techniques every now and then, but those are still done within my normal parameters. At heart, I am a diarist, note-taker, and record-keeper who likes to do some basic things with basic art supplies to decorate the pages. With so many blogs and social media accounts dedicated to planners, art journals, and other notebooky things run by super creative and talented people, I've felt that my two cents were not really needed, even though I find some aspects of the current notebook trends a little off-putting. There seems to be so much emphasis on buying things, for one thing. Sure, it's fun to acquire new materials and supplies, but I've always felt that the best thing about keeping diaries and journals is that it is an inexpensive (or even free!) hobby that is accessible to pretty much everyone.

But anyway. The purpose of this post is simply to show that I am still alive and still scribbling in notebooks. I still use the same supplies (literally, in many cases) and techniques and make the same components as I always have. I have gotten much better over the years, of course, and I do experiment occasionally to make sure that I am using my supplies to the fullest, but the overall process is the same.

I still make my own blank books, although I've refined the process a little more.

handmade blank books

I still make my own stickers to use in my notebooks and on mail.

handmade stickers

And, of course, I still make my own dayplanner pages.

diy planner

diy planner

diy planner

diy planner

diy planner

So that's what I'm doing these days. What about you? Feel free to drop me a postcard or note to let me know what you're doing with your notebooks or if there is any topic that you'd like to see here.

Many thanks to Genea in Idaho for prompting this post!


Happy Scribbling!


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