How long have you been keeping a journal? How did you get started?

I have been keeping a journal since I was in Junior High - about 30 years. I started when I got the little diary with a lock and key for Christmas. Sometimes I have been diligent and other times not.

Do you prefer the term "diary" or "journal" or something else? Why?

When I was younger I called it my diary, but now I call my many volumes journals. For me it is a maturity thing. Like I used to be Cindy, now I am Cynthia.

How often do you write/draw?

I try to write everyday. Even if it is only a brief note as to the events of the day. My goal for the new year is to write more, and so far that has been easy.

What does your journal mean to you?

I think as I get older they mean more to me. I want to preserve what I have done, and I am continually trying to make what I write better and more meaningful.

Do you envision a future audience for your writing/art?


What are your favorite writing techniques?

I don't have a particular technique. I just put it down as it comes.

What are your favorite ways to add visual interest to your journal?

My journals are just writing mostly. There is an occasional picture. If only I could draw....

What inspires you to create?


Do you use music when you write or create? What types?

Yes. Nature sounds, Pure Moods, or Celtic.

What is your favorite pen to write with?

a dip pen with black ink or gel pens

What is your favorite type of notebook/paper to write in/on?

I have many different journals, and each is a different feel or type.

Has anyone ever read your journal without your permission? What, if anything, did you change about your approach to journal-keeping?


If a future archaelogist were to unearth your notebook, what do you hope she or he would learn about you from it?

That I was talented, reflective, sensitive, and organized.

How many finished journals do you have? Do you ever look through them?

I don't know how many I have. They are stored and I haven't looked at them for quite a while. I am in the process of getting them gathered together.

How many different types of journals do you keep?

I have multiple journals. I have tried to condense, but I just can't seem to do it. I like different textures and "feels" for the different areas of my life. I wouldn't wear the same clothes everyday, so I don't think I should write in the same book everyday.

  • Creative Writing Notebook - - poems, stories, essays...
  • Diet Journal - - includes exercise notes, foods, vitamin & herbal supplements, & measurements.
  • Dream/Psychic Journal
  • Holiday/Celebration Journal
  • Information Journal
  • Herb Gardening Journal
  • Preserving Journal
  • Bee Journal
  • Spiritual Journal
  • Therapy Journal
  • Simple Abundance Journal - - I am working through the Sarah Ban Breathnach books
  • Simplicity Daily Planner - - from Franklin Covey for the day to day scheduling type stuff, kid notes, to do lists, important numbers and info, etc...

I am also working on the fill-in-the-blank type books about myself for my kids. They have room to expound a bit and I think the kids will value them some day.

In addition to all of the above, I have notebooks where I collect things......

  • organizational ideas
  • miscellaneous writing prompts
  • Daily prompts from Writer's Digest
  • "The Creative Journal" project (from a website)
  • the "Inspirare Project" (from another journaling list)
  • and everything from the"Daydreaming on Paper" website

What is the most unusual type of information that you track or monitor in your journal? tell me - they all seem perfectly normal to me

What is the primary focus of your journal? What do you get out of keeping one?

I keep my journals in order to remember things, to keep a record of what goes on in my life. I think writing helps me work through things as they happen, and to learn from my experiences.

How do you respond to people who scoff at the idea of diary-keeping - those who think the practice is silly or frivolous?

Not too many people know that I keep journals.

How often do you write? Under what conditions?

I try to catch up with everything at least weekly. I have to have solitude to be able to write most things. This is tough with 3 other people in the house! I like to have good music, some heady incense, and plenty of mocha almond latte.

What are your favorite creative tools or products? How do you use them?

I am a sucker for great paper, smooth writing pens, soft colored pencils, sealing wax, ribbon ties, and scents.

Do you ever share your journals with others?

No. They are mine and I consider them private.


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