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For as long as I can remember, I have kept a diary. I have had little books with shiny locks and cartoon characters on the covers. I have used spiral notebooks. I have had beautiful sketchbooks from France and Switzerland. Each page of every book was covered with doodles, poems, confessions, rants, essays, phone numbers, and wishes. I wrote for the sheer joy of it. Many a Sunday afternoon found me with colored pencils in hand, transferring my hopes and dreams from the space in my head onto the paper before me. Through the years, my journals have become an integral part of my life. They provide a means of creative expression as well as a safe place to unload all of the random thoughts that bounce around in my head on a daily basis.

This web site is designed to introduce you to the art of daydreaming on paper. I want to take you beyond diary, journal, sketchbook, and notebook into a concept that is an imaginative hybrid of all these. I take a very playful approach to journaling, and I want to share with you some techniques that will help you unleash your own creative potential. Whether you are a closet poet or a meticulous record-keeper, you are sure to find something here that you can use.

If you're new to creative journaling, here are some ideas about how to get started. If, like me, you've been keeping notebooks for years, go straight to the monthly theme page, where you'll find new prompts and exercises each month. Visit the Random Prompt Generator for prompts to get you writing and drawing right away. You can find a little information about me on my bio page.

Be sure to bookmark this site and come back to visit often. Drop me a line to let me know how you like it, or just to say "hi".

Happy scribbling!

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